Running With Sticks PRINTS

Running With Sticks PRINTS
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Running With Sticks Prints

Ewe know that thing your mom always warned ewe about:"Don't you rund with that stick, you'll take your eyes out!".
Well, we are older and wiser now - and we can definitely run with sticks. Of course, they have to be the right KIND of sticks...

Add a smile to your knitting chamber, your spinning nook, your dye kitchen, or your office - wherever color, a speedy sheep, and some yarny-goodness is needed, that is where this belongs.


Available in all print sizes and finishes (select from the dropdown menu), and it can be added on mugs, waterbottles, travel mugs, coasters, ornaments, etc. (send us an email to about those)


 - prints on paper in double mats, and on canvas, gallery wrapped or framed 

A Sheep running with knitting needles and yarn - a piece of sheep art by Conni Togel, creator of Sheep Incognito artwork  

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