Why Sheep?

Why sheep?

We’ve been asked “Do you ship to Australia?” and “Do you offer layaway plans?” a hundred

times over the last ten years, but “What’s with the sheep?” and “Why sheep?” has by far been

the most asked question.

My sheep are a lot like people in sheep’s clothing - not the most intelligent or adept creatures,

yet colorful in their personalities and behaviors.

The sheep paintings visualize how much the mind can limit what we see. Once we remove

those constraints, we can see what is really behind the sheep pictures on canvas. So don’t get

misdirected by the “cute” and “whimsical” sheep – read the titles of the paintings and you just

might discover their hidden agenda before they move on towards other pastures...

So here are the Top 10 reasons for sheep ....

1. Sheep are deficient, which makes them perfect models for my “slightly political” series.

They deserve some votes...


2. Sheep say Baaaa - anyone that can say that much with just one word is worthy of some

attention (as opposed to some people that talk a lot without anything to say...)


3. Sheep will never make it into the American Idol show - so giving them their very own

platform of fame has become my goal (along with trying to get you to smile)


4. Sheep are ridiculous - always.


5. Sheep are peaceful - they don’t have trigger fingers.


6. Sheep wool is the ultimate high-tech material for everything from house insulation to

soap making. Anything that sophisticated must come from a pretty special factory

(and it runs on bio-fuel, too! The emissions are rather vile, though...)


7. Sheep are quite adept at mowing lawns. And flower beds. And the neighbor’s flowerbeds.

And the dog’s food. And anything you really don’t want them eating. Composting machines.


8. Sheep are gullible creatures - as long as there is a bit of corn to munch, they will pretty much

let you make fun of them in any way you like and they won’t mind. Perfect victims for my

paintbrush and canvas (unlike human models...)


9. Sheep think everybody else is really smart. They are right.


10. Sheep have legs. Four of them. Family Pack of Roast Leg of Lamb...yumm.


© 2007, Charisma Art Gallery, LLC