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Who is behind Sheep Incognito?

Sheep Incognito are a stream of sheep art and lamb paintings flowing from the paintbrushes of american contemporary artist, Conni Togel in Anderson, SC in her studio at the Charisma Art Gallery, LLC.

The ever popular painting series have become a phenomenon in the artworld, and have won awards at many fine art shows around the nation. The paintings are a continuation of Conni's artistic path that meandered past small watercolor paintings, a series of very popular Flowerfairy sketches, a smaller series of wizards and fairytale creatures, a very large range of over 2500 original oil paintings of various subject matter created between 1995 and 2013, and her now growing flock of the fun and unusual Sheep Incognito flock of paintings.

Here on the charisma-art.com website, you will find a gathering of Conni's entire artistic path thus far - and here is also where you can join the further meanderings of her flock of slightly off-kilter Sheep Incognito, and whatever else she may dream up in the future.


Our Team

To be able to create my series of Sheep Incognito, the right atmosphere in the studio is very important - to that end, the people around me are the most important thing to be able to continue cretaing fun and loveable artwork that makes people smile.

The team currently consists of varying amounts of participation by my three lovely daughters - all of them artistically inclined in one way or the other, all of them fantastic co-workers when they have time to accompany me to shows.They are the sprinkles on the cupcakes for me, the reasons to get up in the morning, and the people I miss most when I am on the road at shows.

The backbone of the operations at the studio, and the "Maaahnager of Maaaahem" in the studio, is Scott Martin - he has over 30 years experience in creating phenomenal murals, photography, sign design, and hand lettering, along with an amazing amount of patience for the slightly off-kilter sheep painter he works for.

And myself, a self-taught painter of things sheepish and colorful, with a view of the world that just might not be quite normal.

We're excited to bring you smiles with help from the Sheep Incognito flock, and hope to meet ewe in person sometime soon!


Awards (still in progress and to be verified)

  • 2nd Place Pendleton Spring Jubilee, Pendleton, SC, 2012
  • Best in Show, Painting Category, Dogwood Festival, Atlanta, GA, 2009
  • Best in Show, CHUN People's Fair, Denver, Colorado, 2011
  • 2nd Place, Fayette Fine Art Show, Fayette, GA, 2013
  • Jerry Miller Award, Lazy Daze, Cary, NC, 2012
  • Honorable Mention, Easton Art Affair, Columbus, OH, 2013



  • Exhibiting Member, The Guild of Artists and Artisans, Ann Arbor, MI
  • The Five Graces

TV and Public Appearances:

Sheep Incognito/Conni Togel tv interview at the Fayetteville Fine Art Festival in 2010 on Peachtree City TV

Sheep Incognito on Your Carolina from the Pendleton Spring Jubilee Festival in 2010

Conni Togel studio video interview with Anderson Independent Mail in 2010

Sheep Incognito featured on the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival 2012 Festival Garb

Blog comment about Sheep Incognito at the Australian Sheep & Wool Festival - the largest in the world

Books and Publications:

  • "The Art of Conni Tögel
  • "Sheep Incognito"
  • Cover Art for "Nicht Alle Tiere Sind Elefanten"
  • The Five Graces




The Sheep Incognito studio is part of the Charisma Art Gallery LLC - the legal name of the company.
Charisma Art Gallery began as a graphic design company near Stuttgart, Germany, under a different name "Son Graphics" in 1991.
In 1995, the company moved to Denver, Colorado, and was rebirthed as Charisma Design Company. Since then, Conni has added various branches to the company name, such as Charisma Art Gallery, Charisma Marketing, Charisma Force, etc.
Some of these companies have been discontinued and are no longer affiliated in any way with Charisma Art Gallery and Charisma Design Company.

Some imitations of my work have been spotted online and offline - if you are in doubt if you have aquired an original Conni Togel painting, please email us pictures to info@charisma-art.com, and we will verify the authenticity of them. If you encounter copies of my work elsewhere, please email us some information about that as well, so we can politely ask the copycats to find something else to paint.