Frog It All PRINT

Frog It All PRINT
Frog It All PRINT
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Frog It All PRINT - 

A very common term in the knitting world is the word "Frogging". It refers to the process of undoing one's labors of turning yarn into a knitted item, by unraveling everything knitted so far after a mistake was made.

The term "frogging" came from the phrase "rip it" - the sound a frog makes...

In my knitting adventures, more often than not, it's almost like a flock of frogs are hopping all over everything, tangling the yarn, undoing what I was knitting, or just being general "harumph"-ibians... rarely is it something I smile about...but at least this sheep still has its humour - and some hoppiness to go along with it.

Attention: the original painting of "Frog It All" was square in format - to bring you our popular prints on paper and canvas in standard sizes, the image has been digitally altered to fit our standard sized mats.

- prints on paper and on canvas, gallery wrapped or framed


Fun sheep art by american contemporary artist Conni Togel, creator of the ever popular Sheep Incognito painting series
©Conni Togel 2015


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