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Mass Hysteria PRINT
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 Mass Hysteria - This was my impression of our nation, when the media started hyping up the terror alerts, the anthrax attacks, the threat of terrorism, and whatever else they could find to scare us into freezeframe. While all those things are scary, we have become a flock of staring sheep, just waiting for someone to say "BOO!" to make us all tip over in schock. Sometimes we need to look in the mirror at what we've become to be able to move forward again...


- prints on paper in double mats, and on canvas, gallery wrapped or framed


A Sheep Incognito flock member by american contemporary artist Conni Togel  

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Tags: Sheep Incognito, american contemporary artist, Conni Togel, print, paper, canvas, sheep, reproduction, mass hysteria, media, terror alerts, terrorism, social commentary