Fellowsheep Of The Ring PRINTS

Fellowsheep Of The Ring PRINTS
Fellowsheep Of The Ring PRINTS
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Fellowsheep Of The Ring PRINT

a tribute to the great trilogy of about hobbits, a wizard, some heroic friends, and their journey to a dark place, and back...really more of a tribute to the good people that have been in my personal life, carrying me through dark, scary places, defending me against evil people, and cheering me onward through life towards the happy Shire of life I live in now.
And sheep have always been my friends...

Attention: we have altered the original format of "Fellowsheep of the Rings" to fit standard sized frames. We can creat a customized, hand-embellished giclée reproduction in the original format as well...

©conni togel/sheep incognito/ charisma art gallery llc

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