Introduction to Digital Painting Session 1

Introduction to Digital Painting Session 1
Introduction to Digital Painting Session 1 Introduction to Digital Painting Session 1 Introduction to Digital Painting Session 1
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Introduction to Digital Painting Session 1
Workshops, Classes, Lessons with Conni Togel, Sheep Incognito

The art world as we know it is changing, and digital art is gaining a strong foothold in it...come learn the basic tools of the trade, so you won't miss out on all the new possibilities of creating your artwork with digital painting methods.

This is a class based on traditional techniques - but with a digital twist.
Starting with a very simple painting, I will introduce you to the tools you will be using to create your first digital masterpiece, using your ipad, and a simple digital painting program.

Here are some of the things we will be encountering in class:

• which painting software to get - it's a big pond to fish from out there.
• downloading and installing the software to your ipad
• how to create a new file and a new canvas to work with 
• Brushes (no mess!) Paint (no drying time! and how to control them
• Sketching,Painting, and Blending
• Resize, Recolor,Remove - how to fix bloopers
• Save, import, export, send the finished painting
• What do do with your finished painting - creating the right file type for social media, printing, etc.
* Next steps on your digital painting journey

• you should know the meanings of the words "file", "copy", "paste", "save", "select"
• patience: new skills take a lot of that.
• humor: life is too short not to laugh at it.

• fully functional  WIFI ready iPad
• Powersupply for the iPad
• Stylus if you have one - best would be a pressure-sensitive one, if you have it. No worries if you do not - we will "finger-paint"
• notepad for notes, ideas, tips, and tricks.

Group size is limited to 6 people for this beginning class.
Class location: if you have a group of 6 together already, we can arrange for me to travel to you, to save on costs and timel - contact the studio for inquiries: (864) 634-2150.
Mixed group will meet in Anderson, SC, location to be announced a few days prior to class on the Sheep Incognito Facebook page:

Anderson, SC has quite a few good hotels, restaurants, etc.  - it is right by Lake Hartwell, which is a vacation destination for many.

Lake house, cabins, hotels, rentals, etc. are all available online.

Snacks, coffee, drinks, will be provided...let us know of any food allergies when you register.

Cancellations with full refund up to 14 days before the event. Cancellations 14 days - 5 days before the event will be a 50% refund. Cancellations after 5 days before the event will not be refunded.

Each event is approx. 5 hours long, 10 am to 12am, 1:30pm-4:30pm - times are flexible to a degree, so we can make sure you leave with what you need to continue at home.

To book, please email us at, or call us at the studio: (864) 634-2150

We really look forward to spending time with you, and getting to see what you create!

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