Ali Baaah Baaah & The 40 Sieves Original Painting

Ali Baaah Baaah & The 40 Sieves Original Painting
Ali Baaah Baaah & The 40 Sieves Original Painting
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Ali Baaah Baaah & The 40 Sieves

Original Oil Painting

- For the avid chef or foodie in your life or your kitchen. Sheep love their kitchen utensils - if they can be bothered to actually prepare a meal...usually they just like munching raw foods, like corn, clover, and crab apples.

24 Inches x 30 Inches/
Read details below regarding the condition of this.

A Sheep Incognito flock chef with his tools by american contemporary artist Conni Togel 


The original oil painting of Ali Baaah Baaah & The 40 Sieves. 

This painting is discounted, due to some water damage it obtained during the 2014 St. James Court show in Louisville, KY.

Hurricane weather caused the show hosts to close the show early - unfortunately, the flock of Sheep Incognito paintings in my booth did not make it out loss is your advantage: this is probably the biggest discount you will get on any of the Sheep Incognito needs a loving home to be in...

The painting itsself has a few waterspots/stock spots. I can try and clean that up a bit - or you can have a professional restaurator assess and repair this - the back of the canvas shows some stock spots. The front has some lighter spots either from the water or from the mold on the back.
 The frame shows some crackling of the paint, but is otherwise in decent condition. If you need more images of this, please send me a message through the contact us form on the homepage.

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