You've Got Maaahl PRINT

You've Got Maaahl PRINT
You've Got Maaahl PRINT
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You've Got Maaahl  - I've always loved getting mail from the mailbox. The old "You've Got Mail" bingbingbing from AOL will always be a fondly remembered sound to me, as well. Guess it's a sign of the times, that the kids nowadays have no idea what I'm referring to... 
Next on the horizon: beam me up, Scotty...


- prints on paper in double mats, and on canvas, gallery wrapped or framed


A Sheep Incognito flock member in the mailbox by american contemporary artist Conni Togel  (aka Connie Tögel)




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Tags: Sheep Incognito, american, contemporary, artist, Conni Togel, xray, technician, physician, Connie, Tögel, ill, entertainment