Maaahry Baaahppins Sheep Art Print

Maaahry Baaahppins Sheep Art Print
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Maaahry Baaahppins Sheep Art Print

Sheep Incognito
art prints by Sheep Incognito artist Conni Togel

This cute little sheep decided on a little bit of cosplay for the day - little did she know that the gust of wind would lift her high above the chimney tops of some Welsh town (London, while very british, does not include very many sheep at all...Wales, on the other hand...), I think it might be Carmarthen in Wales. Quite a lovely place for a bit of a drift on the breeze...

Prints on paper, giclée prints on canvas, hand-embellished reproductions.
Also available as digital wallpaper for your desktop - click here to purchase

©sheep incognito/Charisma Art Gallery LLC


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