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Baby Sitter PRINT
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Baby Sitter - As a teenager, I often wondered at terms such as "Baby Sitter" - who comes up with these? And why don't we implement what the term implies? I know I was often tempted to do just the same thing the Sheep Incognito is doing, while I was working in a Pre-School..something about being in a room filled with 20 kids with sugar overload and ADD at the age of 16 for a year brings out the worst in people. So, Dear Parents of Little Ones: forgive me for painting out loud, what you have probably thought about in sleepless-forevery-screaming-won't-ever-stop kind of nights...

Sheep Incognito Baby sitting by american contemporary artist Conni Togel  


- prints on paper in double mats, and on canvas, gallery wrapped or framed

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